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Following prior studies in Russia, Austria, Japan and Denmark, I obtained my PhD from the University of Amsterdam.

Over the past ten years, I have worked in several orthodontic practices across the Netherlands. This experience has helped me develop a more personal and customer-focused approach to dealing with patients.

In 2021, I opened my own practice in Amstelveen. My goal is to work together with my patients to create bespoke treatment plans that are best suited to their needs. Controlling costs, giving freedom to choose the most suitable treatment option and staying environmentally friendly are important values at the practice. For example, all transparent braces (also called aligners) are developed and produced in-house, and on demand. Thus, unlike many other practices, there is less waste, which helps keep costs down. I am always striving to learn, improve and innovate so that I can offer my clients the best solutions available.

Being born in Russia I am currently live in Amsteleen with my wife and two children. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, hiking and doing CrossFit!

Konstantin Muzalev MSc, PhD

What we offer

ConfiDent Ortho distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering a high quality product of our own design and production. The aligners are created by dental technicians employed by ConfiDent Ortho with conscious choice of materials. The digital representation of the before and after results is not built by an algorithm, but rather built step by step by experts with years of knowledge in orthodontics. This way, the client gets to see what the actual result will be, instead of just a representation.

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