When to get braces?

Do you want to make sure your child has a bright smile and healthy teeth that she/he can enjoy for a lifetime? Then braces are often one of the best ways to ensure this.

We recommend that you have your child's jaw and tooth alignment checked around the age of seven. On this page, you will find more information about this.

What are braces?

Braces are wire-based appliances that are placed on your teeth. When they are tightened, your teeth are guided to straighten in a painless manner. This is the solution to correct the crooked, misalignments gaps between the teeth.

Because it takes time for your teeth to straighten, it is important to have your braces re-tightened every once in a while. For this, you can also come to ConfiDent Ortho and get professional service and treatment for a fair price

In addition, we advise parents and children about the options for braces, and whether braces are absolutely necessary for your teeth.

How do the brace treatments at ConfiDent Ortho work?


Consultation. | We review your medical history with you and take digital photographs, x-rays, and a 3D scan of your teeth and mouth.


Choosing treatment. | Not everyone needs braces. If your teeth would benefit from braces, we will walk you through the options and create a personalized treatment plan based on your needs and the pictures and scans taken.


Placement. | You have a choice of metal or ceramic braces. We place your braces with a special material on your teeth for the best result and greatest comfort.


Checkups. | We usually perform a checkup every month. During these appointments we check if your treatment is going according to plan and make any necessary adjustments to your braces.


A beautiful set of teeth. | In this final step of your treatment, we remove the braces and place a retainer to keep your teeth straight.

First visit with children

As mentioned earlier, we recommend the first checkup for children to be done around 7 years of age. This is the age when we can determine whether your child's teeth will grow problematically or not, and thus be able to intervene in time. Most orthodontic treatments begin around the age of 11 to 12.

We operate with an Open Door Policy. During the treatment of your child you may be present. In so doing, we work together to ensure that both you and your child have a comfortable and safe experience.


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