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ConfiDent Ortho in Diemen-Zuid is your specialist in the field of braces, aligners and teeth whitening.

Our certified specialists help your teeth shine again and always use the latest developments in the world of orthodontics.

We take our core values of safety, affordability and quality very seriously. We work every day to make these core values a reality and give our patients the best care and most beautiful smile.

Konstantin Muzalev, MSc, PhD

Dentist for orthodontics

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ConfiDent Ortho, a orthodontics practice in the Diemen-Zuid region

ConfiDent Ortho offers orthodontic care in the Diemen-Zuid region. Our treatments are the solution to get your teeth in the right condition so you can enjoy a beautiful smile. Besides our braces treatments, you can also come to us to have your teeth safely whitened. Led by Dr. Konstantin Muzarev, we help our patients with comfortable treatments using the latest developments in orthodontics. Would you like to learn more about Dr. Konstantin Muzarev?

Orthodontie Praktijk in Diemen-Zuid

The development of modern orthodontic techniques is something we are constantly working on. We are always on top of the latest techniques and we also produce our own products. An example of this is the ConfiDent Ortho Aligners.

Would you benefit from braces treatment or teeth whitening? Then feel free to contact us and make an appointment at ConfiDent Ortho Diemen-Zuid.

The treatment process

In order to understand what the treatment is like at ConfiDent, we would like to explain process to you.

The first appointment will consist of a consultation. At this meeting we will go over your medical information with you and pictures will be taken of your teeth. If these pictures show that braces can help to get your teeth in place, we will make a personal treatment plan for you.

After we have created the treatment plan and reviewed it with you, we can begin to perform the treatment. During the treatment period, we will perform a monthly checkup of the braces to see if the treatment is going as planned.

Once the full treatment is complete and your teeth are in the correct position, we can remove the braces from your mouth. As a final step of the treatment, we will place another brace on the back of your teeth. This will keep your teeth from sliding back into the old position.

Treatments at ConfiDent Ortho

At ConfiDent we offer several orthodontic treatments: braces, aligners and teeth whitening. Read more about these different treatments here. Besides the treatments you can always come to us for orthodontic advice.


You can also come to ConfiDent for traditional braces treatment. We help children and adults with braces treatments to bring teeth into the proper position.

Teeth Whitening

Would you like to have your teeth whitened in Diemen-Zuid? In the practice of ConfiDent Ortho I only use the safest and most professional method for teeth whitening. For a whiter smile, make an appointment at ConfiDent.


With the help of aligners, your teeth will be straightened with invisible braces. These invisible/transparent braces will be placed over your teeth and will slowly straighten your teeth in doing so. Do you want to straighten your teeth without visible braces? Then you should opt for aligners.

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Reviews from our customers:

Esther, Den Haag

Choosing a dentist has always been difficult for me. However, for my orthodontic treatment, it was very easy. Dr. Muzalev was recommended to me by several friends as a dentist that values his work. I have not been disappointed and my teeth now look beautiful!

Joerg, Rijswijk

I just completed my dental treatment with aligners/retainers and am very happy with the results! Dr. Muzalev is a superb dentist. He pays attention to the details, and meets the wishes of the patient.

Maaike, Utrecht

I just started my treatment with Dr. Muzalev. I travel from Utrecht to Amstelveen to visit him because he is an exceptional doctor. He is always professional, friendly and honest.  I really trust his expertise


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