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Why ConfiDent Ortho?

ConfiDent Ortho is a professional orthodontics practice near Badhoevedorp. At our practice we specialize in braces, aligners and teeth whitening.

We help both children and adults to have beautiful teeth and do this under the guidance of the renowned specialist, Dr. Konstantin Muzalev. Konstantin studied orthodontics under recognized specialists and earned his PhD from the Academic Center for Dentistry in Amsterdam. Want to know more about Dr. Konstantin Muzalev?

We provide the best orthodontic care while always adhering to our core values of safety, affordability and quality. We work hard every day to offer the best orthodontic services so that we can provide you with a bright smile.

Orthodontie Praktijk in Badhoevedorp

Konstantin Muzalev, MSc, PhD

Dentist for orthodontics

BIG-register 39913505702

The treatment in Badhoevedorp


Consultation | During the consultation we will go over your medical information with you and take digital pictures, X-rays and a 3D scan of your teeth and mouth.


Treatment plan | Would your teeth benefit from braces? Then we will draw up a personal treatment plan together with you. In this treatment plan I will make an overview of the necessary treatments and you will know in advance how we will proceed.


The treatment | When the treatment plan is drawn up and approved, we can start the treatment. We place your braces with a special type of material that provides the highest comfort and best results.


Check up | To see if the treatment is going according to plan, we perform a monthly checkup of your teeth and braces. During this check-up we will adjust the braces, if necessary.


The last step | The treatment is complete and your braces can be removed. Your teeth are beautifully straight and of course we want to keep them that way. Therefore, as a final step, we will place a brace behind your teeth, to keep them in the right place.

Orthodontic services in our orthodontics practice

Are you looking for an orthodontics practice in Badhoevedorp where you can receive more than just braces? Besides braces, we also offer other orthodontic solutions such as aligners and teeth whitening.

A consultation?

Reviews from our customers:

Esther, Amstelveen

Choosing a dentist has always been difficult for me. However, for my orthodontic treatment, it was very easy. Dr. Muzalev was recommended to me by several friends as a dentist that values his work. I have not been disappointed and my teeth now look beautiful!

Joerg, Amsterdam

I just completed my dental treatment with aligners/retainers and am very happy with the results! Dr. Muzalev is a superb dentist. He pays attention to the details, and meets the wishes of the patient.

Maaike, Amsterdam

I just started my treatment with Dr. Muzalev. I travel from Utrecht to Amstelveen to visit him because he is an exceptional doctor. He is always professional, friendly and honest.  I really trust his expertise.


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